Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Shakib khan upcoming movie of 2019 | Bangla movie shakib khan

Are you looking for Shakib Khan upcoming movie? Today I give up you a list of movie that movie is Shakib Khan upcoming movie!
Here you can get the Shakib Khan upcoming Bangla film name with Co-Artist name.


shakib khan upcoming movie

Nolok is Bangladeshi Comedy and Romantic film. This film director is Shakib sonet. Shakib sonet is the new director.
Shakib khan loves the new directors. So, Shakib sonet is one of them.

Nolok Movie Starring: 

  1. Shakib Khan
  2. Eamin Haque Bobby
  3. Omor Sani
  4. Rajatava Dwatta
  5. Tariq Anam Khan 
  6. Mousumi
  7. Rebeka
  8. Supriya Dwatta
Nolok Movie Song: 
Song: Shital Pati
Writer: Ferari Forhad
Singer: Asif Akbar


Shahenshah is a Bangladeshi romantic film. Shahenshah movie produced by Selim Khan and directed by Shamim Ahmed Roni.
Bangladeshi Romantic Actress Nusrat Faria first time starting acting with Shakib Khan and also acting this movie newcomer Rodela Jannat.

Shahenshah Movie starring: 

  • Shakib Khan
  • Nusrat Faria
  • Rodela Jannat
  • Misha Sawdagar 
Operation Agneepath 

Operation Agneepath is the most waited movie of Shakib Khan. Because this is the first movie where Bangla film lover see the look of Hollywood style work! This masterpiece movie is directed by Ashiqur Rahman. This film is produced by the Australian film company.

Operation Agneepath Starring:  

  1. Shakib Khan 
  2. Shiha Ali Khan
  3. Misa Sawdagar
  4. Taskin Rahman
  5. Tiger Robi
  6. Sayelaluddin Mahelder (Who is Indian film Actor).
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